OiNK Arrests

British authorities have reportedly begun arresting users of OiNK. Last week at least one person was arrested for seeding a single album on the now-defunct torrent index. The user was questioned by police and then released on bail.

Though it is not new for record companies to engage in civil action against users of filesharing networks, legal experts who have commented on the case are puzzled by what – if any – criminal charges can be filed against filesharing defendants. It is unknown if any further arrests have been made.

27 thoughts on “OiNK Arrests

  1. I’m confused…why is this posted on hackaday? I come here for neat hardware/software homebrew/hacks/etc. I could care less about legal action against some random pirate stealing some random album.

  2. i’m a long time reader of hackaday, but this is the first comment i’ve posted.

    i completely agree with the first two people. i’m used to seeing a project where some guy controls his car with a pic chip and a can of mango juice, not a news article.

    bring back the good ol’ hardware/software projects is what i say!

    there’s been a definite change in the style, and i personally think it’s a step backwards. i’m tempted to remove the rss feed if it’s just news which can be found on any other site.

  3. As others, I read but rarely comment. Hackaday is not a news site, it’s a site for hacks. The clue is in the title.

    Please don’t ruin a wonderfully good site by turning it into another generalised techy news blog.

  4. Not surprisingly, I too agree with everyone above for the reasons given. I also kind of miss hack (singular) a day, which means to me one post per day. Maybe if posts are limited to one per day, you’ll have time to select the cream of the crop . Anyway, another for a return to normalcy.

  5. May 25 20:49:45  oink starts off rumours
    May 25 20:49:54 apparently an uploader from oink was arrested.

    May 25 20:53:55 successful rumour has started
    May 25 20:54:09 bumhair you ass
    May 25 20:54:26 let’s see how far this goes
    May 25 20:54:44  riomhaire emails torrentfreak

    May 25 21:17:39 http://pastebin.ca/1029182
    May 25 21:17:40 :O

  6. i agree with comments 1 to 6 and no doubt many others that will be posted after mine with the same flavour.

    the news about oink is certainly interesting (and the comments posted in the linked article also make for paranoia-fueled reading) but i’m not sure how it fits in here.

    sorry guys but i’d rather just have one less hack-a-day feature instead of this. features such as these bring down the quality and character of this website. i can’t help but feel a little protective about what direction hack-a-day is taking because there was a time when every feature on hack-a-day was incredibly inspiring, interesting or insightful.

    what i mean to say is, all killer, no filler please – you made it look so easy for such a long time, keep it up!

    the ‘best of the rest’ was indeed great!

  7. Jeez with the harshness.

    Maybe if more people were hacking instead of moaning, there wouldn’t be a reason for this.

    Then again, to appease both sides, hackaday should split its rss into two or three streams. News, Hacks, and both.

  8. I see your point of wanting to expande and also the desire to post things that interest you, even when they aren’t hacks, but it messes up the clean concept of the site.
    so, as a compromise: why don’t you keep the front page clean and move the news to a nice tab – also add an entry over “hacks” called “news”. You could add pages for “slashlike.hackaday.com”, “sellout.hackaday.com”, “g3r7z.hackaday.com”, “cyberbeings.hackaday.com” and have all your bases covered, no need to go anywhere else anymore. ;) Just as long as it stays black and white…

  9. Again, agreeing with everybody else. Hack a day should be just that – One Hack, Each Day.

    Although I am enjoying the “Best Of The Rest”. (Much like everybody else apparently :P)

  10. I think I’ll be the lone voice who is for this article. I understand everyone’s points and they are quite valid. But this post, and this one alone I personally find special value in. OiNK was special and deserves this. Maybe the rest of you never experienced it or don’t comprehend the implications but personally I stand behind this post.

  11. I appreciate the extra effort in the site and think it was a good idea to increase the quantity in the site but i feel the quality has slipped.

    I used to come to hackaday, check out something, every few days i would find one that would inspire me to look further and generate my own ideas.

    I would like to see it go to two good hack posts a day with an occasional “how to” with something like the “best of the rest” with short descriptions and links to other off topic interests at the end of the day

  12. Jesus christ quit bitching. If you don’t want to read the post, don’t read it. All the other content you want is still on the site. Not posting the Oink story wouldn’t have magically made other hacks appear.

  13. I think the thing is, stories like these are basically found everywhere else on the internet, and most people (at least I do) like to check up on hack a day for things that aren’t as well-posted, but are very interesting. Quality > Quantity I guess.

  14. I agree about not posting this sort of stuff. This sight wasn’t so popular just by coincidence, people liked the concept of having a single, interesting hack everyday, rather than a torrent of news and other junk to sort through.

    Before you hired all the additional writers, I used read the days hack, everyday, even though it didn’t always look interesting, because if it was posted here, it was almost certain to be something good, now the quality’s all over the place.

    Judging by the other comments, I’m not only one that feels this way.

  15. Well, while I don’t want to see hackaday turn into a news site, I think an event like this has quite a lot of importance. When people start getting arrested for reasons like those, people have to know.

    However, mono pictures>colours.

  16. Honestly, I thought HaD’s quality had slipped when I stopped reading it like a year+ ago, though I suppose it could’ve just been a change in my interests. While this Oink article seems like something I’d be at least passively interested in, I’d rather get it from, say, Engadget, or Slushdot. Of course, I never really liked Engadget either.

    To whoever mentioned the color: Waay back when, one of the editors (probably either Eliot or Vince) said that they used it to visually separate non-hack-posts from hack-posts, which had the black/white+tape action. So, non-hack articles aren’t new, they’re just (apparently) more numerous these days.

  17. you know what i agree with most of the people
    this is news
    news < hacks....
    if you want to post news the url http://www.newsaday.com seems good for that. we want the old hackaday with the B&W pics ant the awesome hacks.

    please dont run this site into the ground. we love you
    you are so many peoples homepage.

  18. I have already commented on this article but upon thinking about it i have had a few more ideas.

    Obviously you have hired new editors/writters/bloogers etc and it would not be fair to any one for them to have their work removed. I would rather see a sister site to hack a day. one that focuses more on research and emerging tech like some of the more recent articles than say engadget yet still produces a similar level of articles (probably not the high quantity of engadget but you see my point)

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