5 thoughts on “Synaptics Trackpad Swap

  1. Well I guess I know what I am doing with my old keyboard from my digital picture frame. Anyone got any ideas on how to use a synaptic mouse on a desktop? Could I just turn it into a serial mouse or ps/2 mouse and use synaptic drivers? Anyone know what the read out on these things are? (or willing to help a noob hacker to figure it out himself) email me at ecuador.pall at gmail

  2. @1 Pall.e: Some/Most touchpads are ps/2 (or usb) devices with onboard controllers. Keyboards tend to have offboard controllers (on the laptop motherboard).

    If the connection from the touchpad is only 4~5 wires, all you really need to do is figure out the pin out and make a case to hold the pad.

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