Wiretapping And How To Avoid It

No matter who you suspect is plotting your doom, you’ll need need to know the way wiretapping works in order to learn their plans and shield yourself from their surveillance. Luckily, ITSecurity has posted a comprehensive
article about wiretapping
, including information on how to wiretap and how to find out if someone is wiretapping you.

One of the more intriguing methods of wiretapping the articles discusses is a service by a company called FlexiSPY. It works by covertly installing a program onto the target’s cellphone. Once installed, the spying party can listen to anything going on in the room the target is in by calling the phone. It won’t ring, vibrate, or give any indication that it is transmitting audio data.

Some of the more hack-oriented methods involve tapping into a landline, using special software to record VoIP calls, or buying a wiretapping kit. Of course, countermeasures, are also discussed, but some of the links they provide are a little more informative on the topic of defense against wiretapping.

8 thoughts on “Wiretapping And How To Avoid It

  1. As a phone technician, I have to agree. It’s SOOO easy to spy on any landline when you have the will to do it. (And in my case, when I have all the tools to do it easily)

    This article was interesting for me though since I didn’t no it could be done so easily with cell phones !

    Thanks Hack’A’Day !

  2. When a call is being made on a cell phone for more than a short period of time, the phone gets warm. If a tapped cell phone is continually transmitting audio data, wouldn’t it get warm / have its battery inexplicably die faster than usual? I suppose the tapping software could try and cover this up by making the phone look like it is in an area with no coverage, and is continually seeking reception.

  3. they do get warm, but only us geeks would even notice this, and the battery life thing would also be nearly unnoticed by the victim, unless they were tech savvy, which could be the case, but is somewhat unlikely.

  4. I have to be honest, I don’t think the FlexiSpy thing is all that interesting. My wife’s phone calls me on a regular basis from her purse or car simple because she bumps it. I can’t ever make out what anyone’s saying or even tell who is in the room with her, even when I know she’s probably at work or home. Cell phone pickup just isn’t that good for background noises, and most of them are designed to screen it out.

  5. I think I’d be able to tell if my cell was transmitting, I keep leaving it by the speakers on my computer. Load buzzing noises when it connects to the network, and they get louder still when it’s sending and receiving.

  6. This article ignores the fact that a sensitive inductive probe can be used to listen to a standard telephone pair with no splicing.There is also no reason that the resulting audio couldn’t be transmitted by other means.

  7. I am currently being tapped AND IT IS AWESOME!#! I have SO MUCH FUN EVERYDAY!!! Thank you for listening! I enjoy making stupid sounds, and acting like a complete idiot, BCAUSE IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

  8. People wiretapped others for so many reasons, Some will do it out of complete jealousy, I did’nt know that running several websites and forums could cause rivals to get upset to the point of stalking you online and pay people to stalk you offline while going about your day to day business, intercepting your calls and hanging them up, constantly hack your forums and websites, hack all the forum users accounts, try their best to stop you from posting topics. Post similar topics and articles to their websites while pretending it was them who first wrote it, abuse you constantly, taunt you on a daily basis then if you dare open your mouth to defend yourself call you a terrorist, Im in complete shock of the extremes and length people go to when they cannot contain the jealousy and pent up envy they have against you.

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