DeWalt-16, How Rambo Would Remodel

[David Wiggins] has sent some info on this DeWALT M-16 gun mod to Toolmonger. Inspired by a picture of an earlier version back in 2003, he decided to go a step further. He already had the M-16 and only lives a few miles from a DeWalt factory service location so he was able to get original stickers and battery casings. After some careful dremmeling and a layer of Krylon, he had the DeWalt-16. Lets be clear, this thing still shoots bullets, not nails.

If modding your M-16 to be a DeWalt power tool is just too manly, you could always go with the Hello Kitty AR-15.

14 thoughts on “DeWalt-16, How Rambo Would Remodel

  1. wow, it really is an m-16. and it appears to be a relatively new one too, usually you’ll find pre-86 ban guns floating around with this kind of thing happening- too many of these guns are wasted on hollywood- but this looks like a new one, and it seems- without seeing the internals- to be the real deal.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks making a gun look like a toy/power tool is a bad idea? How long before you see people working with actual nail guns getting shot by the police?

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