18 thoughts on “The Next HOPE Announced

  1. YES! I was so bummed about not getting to go to the last Hope… but now I get another chance, and the summer after I graduate too. Can anyone say, “ROAD TRIP!”? Now thats a graduation present. :)

  2. So… this being a hacker convention and all… I was a little suspicious about the whole nearly-empty page with no title thing…. so I checked the source and found this.

    !– There are no STILL hidden messages in the HTML source of this page. –>

    I even checked the source of the style.css file. Nothing… anybody have any ideas why the word STILL is in all caps?

  3. I got back from HOPE last night. Awesome Con, but terrible venue. It’s one think to have a Con in a historic building, but pick one that is slightly maintained/dusted/fumigated.

  4. Its true that the Penn was about to be levelled to make way for Merryl Lynch’s new corporate playhouse, but since the economy decided to belch and let out all the money, that didnt happen. The Penn is saved it would seem, as when someone looked at the books, it seemd the place actually makes money. Imagine that.

    Anyone whos listened to Emmanuel talk for more than 2 minutes will realise he has a dry way with words. Beyond Hope, Last Hope, Next Hope. who gives a damn. I dont recall him stating outright that this was the final hope to be held. He just called it last hope. And he got you.


  5. Maybe “There are no STILL hidden messages in the HTML source of this page.” refers to a hidden message inside the STILL image on the page? It’s a long shot.. but there are a few steganography tools online that can hide messages in PNG’s. I tried the image in a few just for fun, but didn’t get any results.

  6. Hey um, anybody notice how ‘thenexthope.org’ was registered two weeks BEFORE ‘thelasthope.org’? In /2006/?

    What’s the source of this info, anyway? Was it announced at the closing? We skipped the closing in favor of hitting a favorite food spot before getting on the road at a reasonable hour.

  7. @14:

    yes it was announced at the closing. If the domain was registered back in ’06, i’m guessing it was going to be the name for HOPE ’08. They probably changed it due to (exaggerated) news of the hotel’s destruction. Now they have a ready name and domain for hope ’10.

    Besides, although i like ‘a new hope’ better, it does open them up to the wrath of George Lucas.

  8. heh the next hope should be called “A New Hope”.
    Any other votes?
    Oh and all the dvd rips of the conference are online and torrentable. Just go to the IRC 2600/Hope channel and ask for the site.

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