PIC Based Boiler Controller

We’re used to central A/C, so we were surprised by this PIC controller based heater controller. It’s based around a pump controlled boiler/radiator system. A PIC 16F84 is used to input the set point and control a pump to circulate the heated water as needed. You can grab full schematics on the project page.

Update: We added a screen capture of the schematic after the break since the site keeled over.

The image is wider than our normal column width, so right click and view it to see the entire image.

9 thoughts on “PIC Based Boiler Controller

  1. @1:
    Really though – they’re not gonna pay to host a site they happen to put up for our benefit, documenting what they have done. They can’t help that hackaday has this tendency of destroying linked webservers.

    Its a neat project mirroring existing commercial systems. good stuff.

  2. Great project, although I would have preferred an AD temperature measurement scheme. Adjusting set points would be greatly simplified and could be changed on the fly. The PIC16F716 would be a good choice and it’s internal clock would further lower the parts count.

  3. I did something similar to this last year.
    I wanted to replace my AC thermostat that used the old mercury bubble method to something programmable.

    I built it out of a pic 16f88, a dallas ic for the temperature, two relays, and a 16×2 lcd display.

    One thing that irked me about my current thermostat is that if the heat pump outside was running and the temperature was reached , the fan inside just shuts off. So all that cold refrigerant and those cold coils inside were just wasted energy.

    I set my project to cut off the heat pump when the temp was reached but to let the fan inside blow for another 2 minutes. It actually did lower my electric bill .

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