Watching DVDs On Your Wii

Nintendo Wii Fanboy explains how to watch DVDs on your Wii using the new MPlayer application. Although the reviews are mixed, some claim it works and others claim it doesn’t, most are excited about this new feature which has been missing since the Wii’s launch. To get this working, you need to run the Twilight Hack and get the Homebrew Channel. Then you download the MPlayer software onto your SD card and install that using the Homebrew Channel. From there, you can launch the application and play your DVDs with ease using the minimalistic DVD player interface.

Although this seems like a lot of work just to watch a DVD, especially considering this might not work for you, it is interesting to see people trying to push for media center software on the Wii. Now they only need to find ways to get past the Nintendo’s attempts to stop this Homebrew movement.

9 thoughts on “Watching DVDs On Your Wii

  1. I’ve gotten as far as the homebrew channel and the main Mplayer page but it won’t read any dvds…i have wiikey 2 modchip installed as well and have tried installing a patchmii which i don’t think worked…what am i doing wrong?

  2. Hello Friends,

    Is not recommended watch DVD’s on your Wii because it will reduce much its useful life (laser).

    Try to convert DVD1s in .avi (divx) and watch directly from your pendrive or external USB HD drive, using MPlayerCE too.


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