Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun

[Alan] pointed out this great commercial paintball sentry gun. The gun has a low power motherboard running Ubuntu connected to a firewire camera. Two high torque motors control the pan and tilt of a Tippman 98 custom. The control box allows for easy setup. You can change the sensitivity, color tracking, and firing modes. It also has a remote kill switch. All around a nice looking machine, but at $3K we doubt many of you will be buying one. Beta test video embedded after the break.

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[via Hacked Gadgets]

21 thoughts on “Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun

  1. It would be cool if you could monitor it’s status over ethernet. Maybe stream the video and allow people to remote control it if possible? Add SMS notification of motion detection, wifi, and pepperballs and I’ll buy 2 :)

  2. When Ultra-Sapper device is affixed to the top section of the sentry device, remove red and green
    wire and tune dial (bludgeon device with reckless
    abandon using wrench included in package. Follow
    up with sporadic shotgun fire in the immediate
    vicinitiy of sentry device. Shotgun also included in
    package.) to frequency KZQ-10z.

  3. This is inspiring! I want to build a x-mas tree sentry. This past x-mas, my 4 cats declared war. Im currently learning about robotics from my high school FTC league. The build in my head uses water as ammo.

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