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We generally try to limit the number of extensions we install for security, performance, and because we use a lot of different systems. That’s not to say there aren’t a lot of interesting addons out there and Mozilla has recently announced the winners of their Extend Firefox 3 Contest. Lifehacker has a full rundown of each of the winners. Nothing really stands out in our eyes (although we might try’s toolbar).

The three extensions we always end up installing are Firebug, Greasemonkey, and Flashblock. What are yours?

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  1. I use FlashGot, Gmail Notifier, Download Statusbar, and Web Developer! That is my standard set of addons to firefox! I have some other that are disabled until i realy need them! :D

  2. I always use Adblock Plus Download Status bar and something called Compact Menu Blue, It shrinks down the top menu, and if u use the ifox theme, instead of using an ugly blue logo, it gives you a nice pretty apple button, I use a few others too… but none to important to others to use, like an add-on that turns off the automatic playing of flash files, If I want to view them I click on them and they play. Great For annoying adds that shout in your face when you blaring tunes… you know… the ones that say something g a y like “CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE JUST WON…” YEAH RIGHT!

    BTW I run Vista x64 Ultimate on my PC and XP on the laptop… I must say… I like vista, when using more than 10 plug in’s for Firefox… but if using less than that… XP and Vista opens Firefox about the same.

  3. I generally find myself installing Firebug, FoxyProxy, Hackbar, NoScript, FlashBlock, Web Developer Toolbar, Foxmarks, Modify Headers, Tamper Data, and User Agent Switcher. Greasemonkey usually ends up on some boxen here and there.

  4. Adblock plus
    disable backspace navigation
    desk cut

    I’ve got a few others but the former are those I find to be the most useful. The last two should’ve been integrated into Firefox by default though.

  5. What about the Google Toolbar? That’s one of the best addons, it has support for multiple systems and navigators, has popup blocker, spellchecking, it’s multilanguage, has search feature, bookmarks and a long etc.

  6. Apart from the usual adblock/noscipt/flashblock and some developer/maintenance stuff I also insist on slimsearch and when at some point I saw it featured tried flagfox which I find to be surprisingly interesting, it adds a little country flag for every site you visit using an internal db and it’s often surprising and elucidating.

    As for google toolbar… I consider it malware just by the way they try to push it alone already.

  7. my top 3:
    1) Adblock Plus
    2) Filterset.G Updater (for adblock plus)
    3) NoScript (like flashblock)

    DownThemAll / Flashgot
    Customize Google

    addons from FF2 I wish they’d update:
    Tabbrowser Preferences

  8. Weave (to sync bookmarks, passwords, cookies, tabs)
    adblock plus
    cs lite (with the auto-updated blocklist)
    download statusbar
    url fixer
    stop or reload button
    update scanner (for website without rss)

  9. Adblock Plus, Mouse gestures and greasemonkey are my indispensible ones. I’ve never come across a site that wouldn’t let me view it with adblock on (and tend to forget that the internet has adverts until I have to go back to IE), but put instructables on the whitelist anyway because aw shucks, they asked so nicely.

    Colourful tabs (or whatever it’s called) is useful at work when I have a lot of google and msdn tabs open to make them stand out from the rest.

  10. I basically NEED Tab Mix Plus to use firefox. It lets you set it so that tabs can span multiple rows. Right now I have 5 rows of tabs open, 6 columns per row.

    Image Zoom lets you right click on any image and increase / decrease its size using the scrollwheel (and other features)

    IE Tab with the auto-sites filter for sites that just refuse to work in FF

    Forecast Fox – I like it on the top of FF on the same row as the Menus

    Adblock Plus of course

    BugMeNot for random crappy news sites

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