Aurora Mixer No Longer Available

A few days ago we wrote about the aurora open source mixer being available and that orders for the DIY or completed kit needed to be in by September 1, 2008. Well that day has since past and if you were on the fence about it and didn’t get your order in don’t worry about it. Turns out no one will be getting a mixer.

Aurora informs us that they needed to secure a minimum of 50 orders to cover cost, but in reality they were only able to secure less than 20 orders. Because of this, they will not be able to meet the initial production numbers and have postponed the sale of the mixer indefinitely.

All is not lost as they will keep the site up, along with the instructions on how to build your own mixer from scratch.

11 thoughts on “Aurora Mixer No Longer Available

  1. Less than 20 orders?

    If they had a slight bit of advertising, I know there would be a lot more interested. Sadly, that’s not the case.

    I was going to save up and order one, too =\

  2. They might have had a few more takers had they actually

    published the fact that they needed 50 orders at a minimum.

    I was pretty surprised to get their mailing list e-mail

    stating the mixer would not be available due to less than

    20 orders; I had no clue there was a minimum required.

    As a side note, I was pretty disappointed with the second

    ‘kit’ option. Selling you the various components that could

    be easily sourced on Digikey, Mouser, or your local electronics

    shop but then leaving it up to you to get a hold of the

    custom panels seemed a bit backwards to me. At least the

    PCB was included, I guess.

  3. i was w8ing for the mixer to be releaced i have $ saved up

    from the previous nights rave but no it was to damn expensive

    i was disappointed and i will make my own as soon as i feel like it

  4. I inquired about one after seeing it here, but after seeing the suggested price,

    I simply couldn’t afford something like that. I mean,

    its a cool mixer, but that price tag is too much, especially

    for someone looking or a “DIY” mixer or a kit, or even

    pre-assembled. Kudos for great design, but its out of

    my league (and usually that doesn’t matter to me, but

    I couldn’t get THAT drunk)

  5. The offer wasn’t up for very long. How are they supposed
    to get 50 orders if they don’t advertise and they don’t
    give time for people to find out about the product?

    Sounds to me more like they weren’t very interested in
    selling it.

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