MioPocket 2.0 Release 27

Miopocket Screenshot

GpsPasSion forum member [Ospray] has released a new version of MioPocket. For those of you that don’t know, MioPocket is a great unlock kit for GPS units. It basically unlocks the hidden potential of your GPS so you can access the built-in functionality of a PDA as well as retaining the GPS software. This means you can play music, watch video, play games, read and write office documents, and many other things with the once single-purpose device.

Originally written for Mio brand devices, it has been successfully used on a couple other brands. We’ve seen it on a Navigon 2100 using a modified install. This software can run directly off the SD card, so it can easily be updated or removed.

The fun part is fiddling with the scripts to get the newest releases to work on the Navigon and Magellan devices.

19 thoughts on “MioPocket 2.0 Release 27

  1. Great stuff!

    I currently use Ameridan’s unlock v3.6 for my mio c230 that turned it

    into an awesome little multimedia machine as well.

    (different way to do the same stuff)

    When I recently bought a Nokia n810 internet tablet, it

    was partially due to what I was seeing my GPS unit do with

    limited resources, and it was _a lot_!!

  2. Does any one know if you can hack the Sony NV-U83T? It has a 4.8″ screen and refurbs are available very cheaply (like, $116). It has a traffic radio in it – I was wondering if you could turn this into a web tablet?

  3. Hi Does anyone know how to unlock the binatone a350 and install miopocket on it. The screenshots of miopocket look amazing and i would like to turn my a350 into a pda. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. I have a Navigon 1400. One of the latest models. I have seen a post by a guy that bricked his 1400 unit trying to install Miopocket on the internal flash. It can be tricky. If your device has not been tested by anyone I recommend doing the safe and completely reversible sd card install. In the event that it does not work it might be safer to give it a pass. If anyone has info on the Navigon 1400 (any unlock will do) I would be grateful. It is a compact little unit that would be perfect for ultralight backpacking navigation and PDA functionality.

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