Xbox 360 Wireless Visual Interface

[jon barber] pointed out another great project on the benheck forums that hasn’t gotten much attention. [techknott] built a wireless video interface for his Xbox 360. Think of it as a sort of video game thin client. It has the form-factor of a portable but doesn’t include the 360’s components. Instead it has a 1.2GHz A/V receiver and the guts of a wireless controller. The specific transmitter was chosen because it wouldn’t interfere with the 2.4GHz controller. The power supply is two 2600mAh batteries running at 7.5V with a built in charging circuit. The draw from the screen is ~500mA. The entire unit is 1 inch thick.

8 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Wireless Visual Interface

  1. Better that they feed their comic book addiction than their video game addiction, right?
    But, on topic: This is pretty darn cool. I wonder how much pressure it would take to snap off those triggers, though.

  2. Man, I actually had an idea nearly identical to this several months ago. Though my idea was to connect the video output to a PC with a capture card, and somehow interface to a controller, which would allow you to play your xbox anywhere with web access.

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