Multi Platform Plug’n’Play System Update


[Bacteria] sent us this sweet video of the Multi Platform Plug’n’Play system running his new GameBoy Advance module. He’s made an addon for his unit that allows him to play his GameBoy Advance cartridges as well as GameBoy ones. Watch the vid for the details and some views of the insides.

6 thoughts on “Multi Platform Plug’n’Play System Update

  1. The system has shoulder buttons, left and right; they are
    the small red tact switches on the top of the system; put
    there as my fingers rest next to these positions when
    holding the case. In fact, I can easily press both shoulder
    buttons and the A and B at the same time (handy for the
    menu options on a flashcard). Works great!

    On my website there are details of how to make one of these

  2. I never really got into portable game systems (or any game systems for that matter) due to my upbringing being rather cash strapped, but I did play my fair share on friends’ systems. My biggest gripe about some of the systems was the screen size. Too small for my liking. This would be a rather perfect mod for me as well as a few others I can think of off the top of my head. I’d probably make the case a tad thicker to be able to hold a larger battery for longer play times, but that’s just me.

    and w00t! the comments box fits in firefox again!

  3. I don’t think the case needs to be thicker, just put batteries under your hands on each side, then the case remains slim and there is a handgrip for you.

    Good Job Bacteria :), now try an UzeBox in there :) It is only $18 from Digikey to add RGB open source gaming (atmega644 and a dozen resistors, plus an 8-bit shift register if you want to emulate an NES pad :) )

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