Modular portable system

Reader [John Grayson], known for his multiconsole portable, has constructed a brand new portable. Not liking the controls or the tethered nature of retro TV games he decided to build a modular portable system. He built a custom system that uses cartridges created from TV game systems. The device has a 5.4″ screen and two Canon batteries for 4.5 hours of play.


  1. strider_mt2k says:

    What an awesome idea!
    Not too long ago I set up our portable DVD player with a couple of these games and lamented how kludgy it all was despite how good it looked.

    This makes the whole thing compact, portable, and versatile to boot!
    Extremely well done!

  2. John Grayson says:

    Thanks for your kind comments, appreciated.

    Open up these plug’n’play units and you see the switches they use for the 4-way “joystick” and buttons, it is not surprising they play “klunky” and “clicky” normally; so when rewired to work on a proper d-pad and rubber contact pads the system becomes a joy to use; and allows you to play the games in their full glory.

  3. JLsoft says:

    Very (Milton Bradley) Microvision-ish…nice :)

  4. Tibia says:

    Wow. Fuuuuuuuuugly. Nice idea, sloppy execution.

  5. spadefinger says:

    ugly maybe, but not sloppy by a long stretch.

  6. spadefinger says:

    the website, though….very sloppy

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