No More Updates To Wii Backup Loader


You can now play backups on your Wii without a mod chip. A beta version of the bootloader made by [Waninkoko] has been leaked onto the net. Keep in mind that it is unfinished, so your results may vary. All you need is the bootloader and a legal copy of Zelda.  After a few patches and some installing, you’re ready to play backups, no mod chip necessary.  We covered this before, but there is a twist this time. Unfortunately, [Waninkoko] states that this project has been officially abandoned, probably due to the leak. Apparently crackers get hurt by leaks too.

[via Gizmodo]

20 thoughts on “No More Updates To Wii Backup Loader

  1. actually, i wouldn’t be happy if my work was released before it was finished either. Normally I select a trusted few to sample my projects and if they release it before it is finished, I feel betrayed. With a project like this, I would finish production for myself, but probably not release it either.

  2. or maybe the work was “abandoned” for legal purposes. if Nintendo sees this no mod hack and it has been abandoned, they likely won’t care about it (as opposed to if it was still a work in progress). I wonder if in a few weeks/months a more complete version of this will mysteriously come out

  3. Dude in the video is totally impatient. I’m not fond of waiting for things to load either, but that cat is on an entirely different level. I bet he pushes elevator buttons the same way as that “A” button on his wiimote.

  4. This is why you don’t be an idiot and only let close friends sample your project while you tell everyone it’s in the making. As soon as you tell people, they will want it, and 99/100 times there will be a leak. If I were making a project, I’d just put the development versions on my website with a disclaimer saying I’m not responsible for anything caused by the provided releases, use at own risk, etc and let people go crazy. This is better than saying something is in development but not posting anything, people won’t believe you and they’ll get mad if you abandon your project before you put out a release. I’d also provide source code though, especially for something like this, so that if Nintendo patched it up, 10 other people could modify their own versions to get around it, giving Nintendo quite a hard time fixing multiple releases.

  5. waninoko is just right. I wouldnt want anyone sharing my code if i ASKED them not to release it. But good for us, real homebrewers that want HOMEBREW, not copies/backups. At least we wont have to worry about nintendo lawyers against us. Thanks for dropping it waninoko! I just hope you keep your word.

  6. Nintendo say on their website that they replace broken discs. So, there is absolutely no need to make backups, and thus no need for this hack.

    So, the only purpose of this is to play pirated games, which hurts the game developers and potentially also the (perfectly legal) homebrew scene, because possible countermeasures from Nintendo may make running homebrew impossible.

    No one profits of this except the warezers. Great job :(

  7. @0xtob

    You say Nintendo replaces broken disks from their website? I have never heard of this, but that’s good to know. However, it still doesn’t help me, who bought Super Smash Bros Brawl used on eBay, only to find it had a scratch that rendered most modes unplayable. This has prompted me to buy a modchip for the purpose of burning myself a replacement disc. Basically, when I get the chip, I will be using a backup strictly in the sense of a backup, except that I didn’t back it up myself – it is still replacing faulty disc that I paid money for. So don’t say that this is no good for anyone except pirates.

  8. Someone else has also released one a few days ago, this one called “Wii Backup Launcher,” complete with source code. Do a google search for it, the best sources I had have been removed due to bitching, but there are plenty of others.

    I’m sure the guys on this site would be interested in the source.

  9. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE COMMENT ON THE ACTUAL ITEM IN QUESTION??!?!?!? NO MODCHIP? Thats HUGE!!! all you guys can talk about is speculation on the author. geez. DOES THIS ACTUALLY WORK WITH NO MODCHIP? and on what version ios/os 249/3.3u? anyone?

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