Mark Hoekstra Has Passed Away

UPDATE: His personal site has been updated.

It was with great sadness that we learned of [Mark Hoekstra]’s death this morning. Earlier this week, the 34 year old hacker suffered a heart attack while riding his bicycle and was admitted to the hospital in a coma. [Markie] has been a Hack a Day commenter for much of our existence and a project contributor for nearly as long. It started simply with things like his bright green Hack a Day iPod sock and a hand crank iPod charger. He did an excellent job documenting his projects; many people had built IR cameras, but none were nearly as thorough as him. He also enjoyed sharing his love for obsolete hardware with the community. He built a wireless eMate, turned two Mac SE/30’s into audio viualizers, and wired shutter glasses to an old SGI.

It was always a treat to hear about [Mark]’s latest project and he’ll be missed greatly.

[photo: Bram Belloni]

63 thoughts on “Mark Hoekstra Has Passed Away

  1. What a shock! I always enjoyed checking geektechnique regularly even if Mark himself didn’t appear to be doing so.

    If only we could send all of his gear with him so he can catch up on his great projects. Was he secretly a Viking?

  2. Adding LEDs in Heaven, and I have been calling them stars. Gone at 34, a sobering reminder, that we never know. I wish for his family and friends all the strength they will need. Enjoy your eternity in what has to be a more peaceful place, Mark.

  3. heart attack at 34 is quite shocking. I’ve never really visited his site before, until now, there’s some excellent stuff on there. the vintage hardware stuff is definately my cup of tea.

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