Arcade Button Monome: Moanonme

[Johan Larsby] built this pretty cool Monome clone. He was starting with a kit to build an Arduinome, but had issues getting his LED matrix to work correctly. After digging around in some old parts and hacking together some custom LED arcade buttons, he ended up with the Moanonme.  Be sure to check out the video after the break.


[via Create Digital Music]

12 thoughts on “Arcade Button Monome: Moanonme

  1. “that guy, with a disney princesses poster on his “command center” door? 0.o”

    It’s to confuse people who try to sneak in to steal his secrets..

    Ninja1 – “That can’t be a command center… There is a Disney Princess poster on the door!”
    Ninja2 – “Yeah, you’re right… it must be his daughter’s room. Let’s keep looking.”

  2. I’d love to see this set up such that it can control a step sequencer. like sample on/off for each beat. since he’s got LEDs in there, it would be easy to tell which ones were on and off, and would make programs like FL studio way more intuitive.

  3. @johnathan dewitt:

    Hah, I had this same idea a week ago. The downside to this is that arcade buttons are clicky which is a little inconvenient for any type of audio work. Although I guess you could probably replace the stock microswitches with quieter ones.

  4. He says he cant get his lead matrix working and he put lead in the buttons? WTF!!!!

    Most people use l.e.d.’s pronounced (ell eh de) and not lead.

    Note: if you cant pronounce the acronym right, dont make a video of you talking about it. just show off the device.

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