Arduino Solenoid Concert


[jay] reminded us of this old video of solenoids banging rhythms on furniture and household objects. There’s no schematic, but in the video it looks like an Arduino drives a bunch of solenoids through relays. The PC interface is run on Pure Data, an open source programming environment for audio, video, and graphic processing. Thanks [Jay].

21 thoughts on “Arduino Solenoid Concert

  1. remember the tunnel dwellers who lived below the city from beauty and the beast (tv series where beast had lion face). they used to bang on pipes to communicate with each other. imagine if they had a system like this. they would have been banging out some sewer techno and the lion would have danced!

  2. yoyo.. thanks for all the comments. there is indeed no good reason to use relays instead of triacs or the like. i just had the relay board ready and at hand. next version will be driven by mosfets with probably even velocity control (need some more testing).

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