IPhone Forensics 101: Bypassing The Passcode


Watch in wonder as forensics expert [Jonathan Zdziarski] takes you step by step through the process of bypassing the iPhone 3G’s passcode lock. Gasp in amazement as he creates a custom firmware bundle. [Jonathan], creator of NES.app a Nintendo emulator for the iPhone, is well respected for his work on opening the iPhone. In this presentation, he sheds some light on the forensics toolkit he helped develop for law enforcement agencies that we covered earlier.

12 thoughts on “IPhone Forensics 101: Bypassing The Passcode

  1. Palin is very low key every since she was caught using public email instead of government. This the same technology that locked up our mayor over text messages. TV series like the “Wire” teaches you to meet in person and if you have to call criminmals, use pictures that only 2 parties recognize.

  2. This guy has a way of not getting to the point only matched by a relative of mine, and anybody that has the tenacity to sit through this whole thing and can certify he/she isn’t insane gets a hats off from me.
    Sorry to sound so negative but come on, I hope the guy gets on some course himself from the money he makes to learn to communicate better.

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