Access Controller Now Shipping For PS2/PS3/PC

[Ben Heckendorn]’s Access Controller is now shipping. The controller is designed to be used with just one hand. It has six openings that the five control modules can be placed in. It’s easy to reconfigure depending on the player or game. While the prototype was built using Xbox 360 controller parts, this newly released unit is available for the PS2, PS3, and PCs. The Xbox 360 version is still being reviewed for final production. [Ben] says that in the coming weeks he’ll post a how-to for building your own modules. There’s always one empty slot and the bus like design should make this fairly simple.

10 thoughts on “Access Controller Now Shipping For PS2/PS3/PC

  1. The module pinout should have been included with the documentation in the package.

    Otherwise a good solid hacking platform. Always nice to see something designed for real need.

    Yes, but his site is so slow to load I prefer reading it here and being reminded to hop over there.

  2. Aside from console gamepads built for a person with two functional hands (with the exception of the Wii but that again depends upon the sort of game your playing) its a different option for the consumer to look at and decide on.

    Just have to wait and see if this is successful or not.

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