Pelican Case Xbox 360

We were surprised the last time [Ben Heck] was building a Xbox 360 laptop, yet here’s another one. Well, it’s not a laptop exactly, but an Xbox 360 built inside of a Pelican case. After receiving several requests for a similar device for people stationed overseas, he finally decided to try it out. The goal is to get all the components into the case so that the watertight seals are intact. It’s only partially complete right now and he notes that one of the major hurdles will be converting the DVD drive to top loading. The light ring and USB ports will probably be moved to the top surface, and the hard drive will be made removable. We look forward to the final writeup since there aren’t many tutorials on working with Pelican cases.

13 thoughts on “Pelican Case Xbox 360

  1. The only other thing it needs is some sealed lead acid batteries and a solar panel with a charge controller so that the dudes over seas can play it in a tent or the back of a truck or anywhere else they might be.

  2. Pelican cases are extremely easy to work with as long as you aren’t trying to keep the seals intact!

    They rock in general.
    Check out the warranty on ’em.

    I think they are covered against everything except shark attacks and children under six!

  3. he is trying to hard to make the DVD top loading.

    He should just make the whole dvd player similar to top loading.

    That is, he should spring load the dvd case, so that , one must depress the dvd case, which then pops up allowing the front of the player to be exposed.

  4. Exactly my thoughts backwards. But why not have it angled permanently? No moving parts.

    @ Strider, he is keeping the seals. He must be using an adhesive to attach the components.

  5. You can bolt through a pelican case and keep it water tight. Just needs rubber washers on the heads. I built a computer out of a pelican knock off that has rp-tnc wifi connectors on the outside that’s still water resistant. I wouldn’t try to float it, but rain wouldn’t hurt it.

  6. just a heads up, we buy our pelican cases from I’m not affiliated with them in any way, they just have extremely good prices on Pelican Cases – about half the price they are at fry’s if you buy them without the foam (we use custom foam for our products), or still much cheaper if you do get foam. Their website looks kinda sketchy but i can vouch that they are a decent company.

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