Xbox 360 laptop in progress

[Ben Heck] posted and update on a project he’s doing for THQ. This latest Xbox 360 laptop is being built as a contest prize. It’s based on a 60GB Xbox 360 and is slightly larger than the previous laptops. It can accommodate a standard 360 hard drive without modification. An Xbox Live camera is included as well.

We hadn’t realized how many Xbox 360 laptops [Ben] had built. There’s the original. The one he built as a how-to for Engadget. Then, the one based on an Elite and now this.


  1. gm says:

    “the ps3 laptop will follow this tradition, mostly because the ps3 is pretty damn thick to begin with and there’s nowhere to go but thinner ;)”

    Does this mean that there’s a PS3 laptop coming? That should be fun…

  2. tiuk says:

    Look good, I like the idea of being able to swap out the hard drive, and the integrated camera is a nice touch.

  3. rockstat says:

    Replay to gm.

    do some research before you write. Ben has already built a PS3 laptop and had it auctioned off only to give the money earned to charity.

    What a noble cause. I admire him.

  4. we can says:

    gm meant is he going to make another i beleive

  5. Ghrayfahx says:

    My question about the PS3 laptop, how does he deal with the heat that it puts out? I can just see that thing burning through the table it’s on.

  6. nubie says:

    He probably uses a heatpipe. And I am sure he thoroughly stress-tests these ;)

  7. helusndy3a says:

    Wow! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Fantastic

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