Hydroelectric Power In Your Shoes

All comments on style aside, these are pretty cool. They are power generating shoes, that use water and a small turbine. As you step down, the water is forced through the turbine and recirculated back to the reservoir when you lift your foot. It may not change the world, but is definitely interesting. This reminds us of those shoes that we used to pump up til they burst.

23 thoughts on “Hydroelectric Power In Your Shoes

  1. Wow, that’s pretty cool, though I think it would make more sense to mount it on the back of the shoe or on an ankle strap or something where the pants leg would cover it, then put UV reactive fluid in it and use it to power some UV LEDs (do they make UV LEDs? I’m not sure >.<), and do some interesting looking things with the tubing ^_^
    Though if it makes enough power to charge a small device, you could run build a cord into your pants, that plugs into it and then you can plug in your device to charge it in your pocket.

  2. It’s hard to see, but it actually covers the back of the shoe too, on the bottom at least. If you look closely you can see where the hose on the right side of the shoe goes under to the pressure system and then back up the heel.

  3. Why argue over heel vs toe? If you make it full sole, (problematic?) or two separate reservoirs, it would also serve to cushion the feet. It would be a two’fer! Anti-fatigue and power generating!

    It could be made to generate on both the heel-down and the toe-off parts of the stride while the same liquid goes back and forth between. The batteries being charged could double as ankle weights providing beneficial exercise.

    **Geek Alert**
    Wait, there’s more! The whole system could be used to power the Master Chief’s shields. He can kill the Flood, stem the Covenant invasion, generate his own power, all while massaging his feet! Those metal shoes built into the Mark 6 Suit are pure murder!

  4. A bit different than some solutions I have sketched out.. but definitely interesting. My feet can’t stand squishy shoes so I scrapped shoe power… but this project totally gets me interested in the old project again… sweet and thanks!

  5. what if you used a magnetic fluid? then you would just have a coil, like those shake flashlights, but liquid… removes the need for a turbine. and then the battery or whatever could go around your ankle.

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