Arduino Wireless Rotating POV


got an old cdrom and an Arduino laying around? Why not make it into a spinning POV display. It was built using parts from a floppy drive and a cdrom, as well as an Arduino and a small wireless transceiver. Using an IR sensor to detect rotations, the Arduino sends data to the LEDs. The wireless is used when sending new messages to the device. The link is in Spanish, so here’s the Google Translation.

[via Hacked Gadgets]

4 thoughts on “Arduino Wireless Rotating POV

  1. wtf? I wish I could comment on the main page to save everyone else the 4.5 min.
    Good work on the hardware, but let us know when they get it doing something. Until then stick to photos.

  2. I looked a bit for 433MHz transceivers, didn’t find his particular one but did find some cheap options:

    The RFM12B is rated at 250m, and the 12BP at 3000m (obviously will be much less indoors under non-ideal conditions). According to various posts they will sample small quantities of 12B for $3, or 12BP for $8, with ~$22 shipping.

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