Getting Root On The G1

If you’ve been holding off on a T-Mobile G1 purchase because you didn’t like the apparent user restrictions, there’s some good news. The Android powered phone comes with an easy button for getting root. Install a terminal app and you can manually start the telnetd service. All that’s left is telenetting into the device and it’ll give you root level access.

27 thoughts on “Getting Root On The G1

  1. What “apparent user restrictions” are you talking about? This is not an iPhone

    I have had my G1 for a week now, and the only downside so far is the scarcity of apps. But new ones come out everyday.

  2. now that was easy.

    now imagine the joy of millions of people running with an always on internet connected phone with a suid root *telnet* … telnet for crying out loud, in their pocket !

    Now that’s a device I’d keep all my data … :)

  3. I recieved my G1 on november 1st and it DID NOT come with the telnetd service. Sadly, this is something I wanted to run for development, not sure why its not there when everyone else is claiming they have it on their g1’s.

  4. lol,telnet rulex!

    Tmobile g1 is a great phone but it use too much internet for me(i don’t spend too much moneys on phone bills),also it don’t have tomtom,yes it have google map but it sux like all the others navs

  5. first of all the phone can roam, you cannot use it with at&t because that is a limitation that they impose. also you have been able to download and install terminal apps since before the device was even released. Thats nothing new. also the is no need to hack anything you can freely download the sdk and do anything you want with it.I know that is what I am doing.

  6. ooooooh snap! i just installed the hacked firmware, and now i have root on my phone…

    you don’t have to install a terminal app to start telnetd though. you can take advantage of the “random root shell” bug in RC29 and just type “telnetd” to start telnetd.

  7. no one has posted for a while but just to answer some new g1 users questions…. the newest g1s dont need to be hacked or rooted. you wont find anything yet that lets you “root” it. its already a beast ass phone with no limits… why need more?

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