Iphone-dev Team 3G Soft Unlock Coming Soon

[vimeo 2291914]

The iphone-dev team has officially stated “all that remains is implementation“. They’ve developed all the pieces they need to perform a software unlock for the iPhone 3G, now it’s just a matter of putting them together in user friendly fashion. They’ve managed to run unsigned code on the baseband, developed custom AT tools, and are now showing injection of a background task. They will combine all of these techniques to override the carrier lock baseband code. As usual, they warn against performing any official firmware updates to the phone.

11 thoughts on “Iphone-dev Team 3G Soft Unlock Coming Soon

  1. ATT has a 3.5G network. They use HSPA+ which is a pretty fast 3G network in it’s own right. The problem is that the mass amount of iPhones causes a bog down on the network. That is why they are reworking the data plans. As for the EVO, Sprint only has about 6 4G network. So you might be stuck paying a 10 premium above whatever data package you get. They each have their strong fronts, as iOS4 (iPhone’s new opperating system) is bringing a lot of new things to the mix. The EVO on the other hand, is already a beast in how fast it is. The update to Android 2.1 called Froyo (2.2) is also on the way. Once that comes out, it will boost Android speeds up to 450%. It will be good to compare them at that point, not when things are stacked in one favor. It comes down to what the consumer wants. I prefer Android, but to each their own.

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