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oomlout has posted some interesting plans for a simple robot. It’s based around an Arduino and is a platform similar to the Parallax Boe-Bot. The Arduino sends PWM signals to continuos rotation servos that drive the two main wheels. All of the structural components are laser cut from acrylic with slots to hold standard hex nuts. It’s an interesting technique, but the design has a lot of potential for improvement. Right now it uses two different power supplies and a breadboard for simple connections. From the video below, you can see that the balance could be improved as well.


6 thoughts on “Simple Servo Bot Plans

  1. Wow. $175 for the kit…

    For $160 the Boe-Bot comes with a book, and actually has some sensors to respond to its environment. There’s even one right now, at that same price, that comes with a Ping sensor and an extra servo to pan it.

  2. yes, wow
    2 servos = 2 x 12.9$,
    1 ATMEGA168 = 3$ (sold here for 40$ on a pcb)
    plastic,nuts and bolts are quite expensive !
    (batteries not included)
    btw, what’s the use of the breadboard ?

  3. Also, if you’re looking to cut cost the Freeduino version of the Diecimilla is $25 compared to like $35 or 40. If you make your own wheels and buy a couple cheap servos (which can be modified for continuous rotation) you could get out of this project pretty cheap and achieve the same goals.

  4. That is quite expensive indeed, but it is goodlooking ;).

    You can easily make a robot with more functionality for much less $.
    Take a look at the $50 robot on

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