Johnny Lee’s Favorite Wiimote Projects


There is no doubt that [Johnny Lee] is the authority on Wiimote based projects. So, when he compiles a list of his favorite Wiimote projects, we definitely pay attention. He’s organized the list as a progression of the unusual. By the time you get to ‘Chicken Head Tracking‘ at the bottom, you’ll be adequately prepared. You’re bound to get some inspiration from the list even it’s building a pigeon guided missile.

4 thoughts on “Johnny Lee’s Favorite Wiimote Projects

  1. i made a sensor bar from 2 ir leds and a usb cable, but it looked nasty. i only made it so i could do the head tracking and mouse pointing really.

    if i could make or acquire a professional-looking sensor bar i could mount to my laptop, then i’d show all my friends all the neat things you can do with a 40 dollar piece of hardware.

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