Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope First Alpha Released


The target release date may be over five months out, but the Ubuntu team is already pushing the first alphas of Jaunty Jackalope out the door. The new release is not for the weak and is intended solely for people who want to vet bugs and contribute to the project. The release is designed to bring Ubuntu back in line with Debian. One of the areas they’re working on is the ARM port (we saw the Debian version on the G1).

[photo: Kordite]

[via Download Squad]

9 thoughts on “Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope First Alpha Released

  1. I have used a lot of ubuntu and its relatives, but my heart is with debian for older equipment. I just installed debian lenny on an old 120mhz laptop with only 48 meg of ram and a 1 gig hd. You can not do that with ubuntu to my knowledge.

  2. The hardware you can run ubuntu on depends to a great extent on what desktop environment you pick.
    kde and gnome are pretty resource intensive but xfce or especially fluxbox run pretty happily on very low powered systems.

  3. Xubuntu is the shit for an older or weaker system. I am happily running it on my laptop. And I think you can get those stickers at the Canonical store. Shipping is ridiculous though.

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