BlackBerry Storm Click Screen Teardown


RIM has decided to venture into the touchscreen phone market with the new BlackBerry Storm. Unlike other companies’ offerings, the Storm has a touchscreen that clicks when you press it. phoneWreck disassembled the Storm to see what magic was involved in the device. There’s not much too it, it’s just a big button. pW notes that the entire phone board is very compact mostly due to RIM using Qualcomm’s latest MSM7600 chip. Items like bluetooth, GPS, and USB are all included in the processor instead of appearing on the board as discrete components.

phoneWreck recently launched and promises many future teardowns. They’ll be adding to their archive which already includes the Motorola Krave and the venerable Nokia N95. We’ll definitely be watching for their future releases.

[via Engadget]

10 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm Click Screen Teardown

  1. I am waiting for a few months to be sure about the screen. I have held a few different ones and the screens weren’t consistent. How much pocket lint can you get back there without it not working anymore. Plus the software on the phones I played with was a bit buggy. I have learned my lesson buying the first one out several times before. I will let you guys do that this time and I will pick one up once they perfect it.

  2. I don’t usually post but read hackaday every day usually a few times. You guys have a lot of worthwhile stuff but lately it seems like someone looks at 3 day old scans of engadget and just picks a few stories. I think the quality has really gone down since the whole expansion of team members. I don’t mind seeing the same story more than once but you guys could at least try to be moderately “on time” about it.

  3. @tom:
    I’m right there with you.
    But, I can understand why not all the content is as good overall anymore, because, well, there’s a lot more of it.
    Remember when Hackaday used to literally be, well, one hack a day? Great stuff, but not much of it.

  4. No WiFi, no sale!

    I’m guessing the lack of WiFi is something to do with all the gubbins being built in to the processor, but if they’ve saved so much space in doing so then why can’t they have WiFi elsewhere?

    Ended up going witht he X1 because of the lack of wifi. The video playback and sound on the storm is amazing though.

  5. Alas if it were more car oriented I’d provide you with many of my own but I don’t actually do many of the hacks here. Just like to look. However I do need some help with a boost controller. Could turn into a hack if I get my head wrapped around it.

  6. One hack that I’ve found was pressing the / and ” on the keyboard repeatedly while in the home screen will take you to the blackberry log and from there you can delete your phones log which will stop your Storm from acting SLOW. Which will happen on this phone.

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