Animated LED Snowflake


[unusualelectronics] posted this animated LED snowflake. It has 61 LEDs, is controlled by a PIC microcontroller, and can perform about 30 different effects. The instructions are quite thorough, including diagrams for soldering and source code for the microcontroller.

7 thoughts on “Animated LED Snowflake

  1. This reminds me of some little LED star bursts my grandpa made to put on his bushes for christmas. they are really cool and simple, they basically just start from the center and explode out outwards. He uses a simple little 555 oscilator circuit to feed a pulse to a sequencer deal (a 4017 or 4011 or what ever that integrated circuit is), he can’t program for beans so he doesn’t use microcontrollers. the start bursts are awesome enough that someone was stealing them off his bushes, but the control circuit was inside the house so they weren’t getting the whole set up. we ran a super teeny tiny fine wire through each one of the perf boards they are on then put a voltage through the wire and when someone tries to get away with the LEDs the voltage is cut off and it trips a flood light under the eaves of the house and the perpetrator looks up and smiles for the camera. we got the sucker on camera, but the cops never could figure out who he was, and he never came back to try and take any more start bursts so our jerry rigged security system on them worked.

  2. we called the cops because the sucker kept stealing all of them the very first night we put them out after rebuilding them. You would have thought they would have learned that they are virtually useless without the control circuits, all they were getting was the perf boards with leds on them.

  3. @mike
    maybe he wanted them for parts. maybe he wanted to get back at you for catching him doing something illegal (logic fail). maybe he was just stupid and thought they would have control circuits. maybe he was just stupid. the world may never know.

  4. “You called the cops because someone stole one of your Christmas decorations?”

    What kind of stupid question is that?

    Hell ya call the cops the b@stard is stealing from him.

    on a side note, Bob can I get your home address?

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