SwiitBoard: High Impact Wii Balance Board


[Frits] sent us the SwiitBoard, an improvised version of the Wii balance board. He wanted to be able to do something a little higher impact than he could on the Wii balance board, and required more space to do it in too. Using two different kinds of foam and a piece of plywood, he put together the SwiitBoard.  We’re not completely clear on how he is handling direction control. He states that it is derived from gforce.x. Can anyone clarify?  Stay tuned after the break for a video of his demo software.


6 thoughts on “SwiitBoard: High Impact Wii Balance Board

  1. This is my first post here after being a watcher for quite a while (thank you all). What draws me out is this is getting closer to the dream project (or better – product) I have for me and the boys. How hard would it be to couple this type of board with Mr Chung’s IR head sensor/lightbar with maybe the P5 or wiimote to interface (via glovepie?) to Medal of Honor so that you have to actually run, turn, duck, jump, lean, aim and shoot? I think it’s beyond me, but how fun would that workout be?

  2. I suspect they’re measuring the acceleration (gforce) from gravity to determine the tilt of the board. If that’s a variable name from glovepie, that’s probably what they’re using.

    hullflyer: What you describe is actually not that hard to make with presently ubiquitous hardware.


    Between using Wiimotes (accelerometers) for motion sensing, a laser-graffiti setup for pointing, pressure sensitive floorpads for position tracking, and cameras for body tracking, you could make some pretty badass games, including those of the stabby-shooty genre.

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