Multitouch Pinball Instrument


This is an interesting twist on multi touch input. [s9lucas] is using a simple multitouch system as an instrument that uses solenoids and pinballs to make music.  He has taken the basic multitouch tutorial and combined it with an Arduino bell tower. The end result is possibly more fun to watch than it is to listen to, but that’s fine.

9 thoughts on “Multitouch Pinball Instrument

  1. NoScript (a Firefox extension) makes it easy to ignore the YouTube videos. They won’t even load, and it makes your browser safer. Tell it to automatically allow base 2nd level domains and you’ll rarely notice it’s there.

    Or, if you think that’s too much work, FlashBlock does exactly what it says on the box.

  2. For some reason this vid is taking forever to buffer. I don’t know why this keeps happening, it happens to me on different videos at different times. other videos buffer fine. wtf is going on youtube?

  3. That’s what happens with really crappy cameras.

    Note to people who do youtube videos. DISABLE AUTOFOCUS. focus before you start and then disable autofocus and record. PLUS triple the light you have on the subject. Video requires lots of light. Filming your project in your mom’s basement lit by your xmas lights and rope lights all over the room is not acceptable.

    3- 150 watt bulbs in reflectors is just enough light, more = better.

    Also if you CANT disable autofocus.. buy a better video camera.

    Finally, if you are recording sound, get it CLOSE to the microphone.

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