Xbox 360 Jasper In The Wild


[Ben Heck] has written up what he calls a “super unboxing” of the new jasper Xbox 360.  The “jasper” refers to a new graphics processor that is supposed to be smaller and more reliable. They have been hard to find, but [Ben] shows us how to spot them. Simply look at the sticker on the back of the unit that shows voltage/current. If it uses 12.1 Amps instead of 14.2, it has the jasper.

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  1. Lol, I have an original (Xenon) 360 but a Falcon 175W PSU for it. Due to the annoying forward compatible plugs I had to take a file and cut out the divider that prevented the plug from powering the old console, but it works fine (been using it for over half a year) even through long gaming sessions. The PSU puts off some heat but the fan keeps it fairly cool. I got it because my friend replaced his dead original 360 (which is now mine) with a Falcon Arcade model but kept his original power brick, having only the new brick and an RRoD console I didn’t want to invest money in a new brick, so hacking the newer one worked fine.

  2. Wow you guys really can’t read can you?
    I quote “look at the sticker on the back of the unit that shows voltage/current”
    This mean look at the sticker where it shows you the volts and amps. Not “look how many volts it takes- 12.1 amps or 14.2”

  3. That’s also 14 amps at the rated voltage. ~175 watts, as one of the prior posters mentioned.

    Your kiln most likely is running at 120 or 240 volts, so 15*120=1650 watts, or 15*240=3600 watts.

    Just a wee bit more than an xbox 360 draws, though I saw the power brick called a foot warmer in some of the early reviews!

  4. 14 amps?? No way! Not even for the whole box, maybe for 10 of them. Domestic power boards are generally rated to 10 Amps, which is the size of a decently powerful space heater! I just had a look at my PS3 and it has 1.7 Amps on it.

  5. ok, i hadn’t hit reload on this page after surfing round for like over an hour, so it now just looks like i’m thick… which I am in no way trying to deny, but the post above mine does actually make sense…

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