DS + 50D Timelapse Examples


We covered [Steve Chapman]’s Nintendo DS control for his Canon DSLR in September. He’s since improved the software so that it has a timer for sunset/sunrise amongst other things. He also shot about 30GB worth of timelapse images while in Vancouver and assembled a couple test videos. He’s still working out the processing to take full advantage of the 15megapixel images. We look forward to future results since YouTube is now using a much larger player for high def content.

3 thoughts on “DS + 50D Timelapse Examples

  1. I would reccomend a free program called virtualdub for sewing together images like this. Of course HD causes a problem but for anyone else wanting a normal sized video its great. The power of that program is amazing. Use any compression you want and stick audio on it too. My god I sound like Im selling the thing! Its just nobody seems to know about it..

  2. i did a lot of timelapses a couple of years ago. One thing that really improves the quality of the video is to stabilize it in a motion tracking package. Camera shake it’s inevitable in most circumstances.

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