SNES Cartridge Wallet


[gamemaster87] put together this SNES wallet. It isn’t just a wallet, it also has internal lighting and theme music. He harvested LEDs from Christmas lights, switches and battery compartments from an old all in one joystick, and the sounds from a holiday card. There’s a Plexiglas window to show off his ID and a belt clip, because you wouldn’t want this thing in your back pocket. Match this up with the SNES clock, NES bike tail light, and the NES security system and you’ll be the king of the nintendorks.

9 thoughts on “SNES Cartridge Wallet

  1. What’s with the lights and music addition? Seems like a lot of trouble for just keeping your ID/cash handy. I would entrust my wallet a lot more than having the items hanging in a compartment on a belt clip.

  2. pretty cool… I guess. try sitting with that thing in your back pocket. I think I’ll stick with my current leather model, thx.

    Looks like willy is in a comedic mood today. :D

  3. You know, considering how many people hack these old game systems and cartridges that aren’t being made anymore, it probably wont be too long before there are no more NESs or SNESs left in the world,

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