wireless bootloading

Tired of having to physically connect to your microprocessor to upload new code? Just do it over a wireless connection. [Nathan] takes us through the process of setting up a wireless bootloader for the ATmega168. He is using the XBee base and remote modules for the wireless communication. While people have been doing wireless bootloading with the Arduino already, [Nathan] found that it was common for them to have timeout issues. His remedy was to make his own custom one that is much faster. He’s asking for help though. At this point it is tested and working, but he needs someone with more programming knowledge to help him make it “drop-in” compatible with the Arduino IDE.

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3 thoughts on “wireless bootloading

  1. That is a great video!

    My friend told me about wireless bootloading and there it is.

    Bluetooth would be even nicer for short range!
    No need of a device connected to the computer.

    Very nice.

    Thanks for posting.

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