Wireless Genesis Controller For PC


[Jacob] wanted to play some sega games on his PC and felt like the experience just wasn’t complete while using the keyboard for input. He had an old MadCatz controller laying around, which could have probably been connected fairly simply, but he really wanted it to be wireless. A wireless keyboard was sacrificed, and the wireless genesis controller was born. To make it, he disassembled the keyboard to take the controller chip out. After tracing out and soldering switches to the leads, he installed it in his genesis controller.

13 thoughts on “Wireless Genesis Controller For PC

  1. This is a nice step up from wiring the controler from a USB keyboard directly into a NES controller, but what’s got me curious is how well the controller feels to use after replacing the rubber buttons with tactile microswitches?

  2. I like the hack.

    I’ve been keeping an eye out for a bluetooth gamepad or a wireless gamepad with a small USB dongle to build into my Dell Mini 9, but I haven’t had much luck.
    (generally the receivers tend to be larger than the space I have available within my netbook.)

    Currently I’m simply using a Logitech Precision wired USB gamepad, but have a generic SNES one on the way.

    Great work, and good gaming to you!

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