WiFi Streaming Radio Update

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Since our last post about his WiFi Streaming Radio Project, [Jeff] has been hard at work to release part 8 of the project where he adds tuning control to the radio. Interestingly enough, the addition of the tuning control only requires a potentiometer and the completed AVR LCD board from part 7. After wiring the potentiometer to the analog to digital converter on the AVR and adding a few lines of code, the radio can now be tuned quickly and easily. In addition to thoroughly explaining the hardware changes, [Jeff] details the configuration changes required to the OpenWRT framework so that bidirectional communication between the router and AVR is possible, allowing the tuner to function properly. Be sure to check out the video above to see the tuner in action.

6 thoughts on “WiFi Streaming Radio Update

  1. interesting, but it would be a lot sweeter if he used the AVR to handle a wifi module and once a stream is established feed that into a mp3 decoder chip. (i wonder if that propeller chip might be better suited, though)

  2. great idea, never realized a router could be so flexible, even with dd-wrt on it. looks like a great alternative to an arm sbc.

    @zigzagjoe: i dont think that would be feasible. there would be too much overhead and probably not enough throughput for the music, even if you could find a wifi module that interfaced to the avr at reasonable speed (ie. over spi).

  3. It could probably be done with a dedicated MP3 decoder chip. I’m not sure if the Propeller is powerful enough for high fidelity stereo mp3 decode, but I could be wrong. What you are proposing would be perfect for making a thumbdrive sized wifi radio like some of the commercial pocket players out there, and it would be totally awesome!

    The reason I went with the router is that it was cheap and the full Linux distro available for it made development considerably easier than a custom solution. For the price of the router I could get a programmer for the Propeller chip and that’s about it. :-)

  4. this is pretty sweet, a complete step by step detailed write-up anyone trying to attempt this has a very good chance at succeeding.. It seems as though you can put openwrt on a wide variety of wifi devices.. provided there is enough flash ram and mem etc.. I just received a fairly new wireless printer pretty much straight from the trash find a serial port and we’re in business.

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