IPod Touch 2G Jailbreak Released


The iPod Touch 2G jailbreak was first shown in January. It had to be applied every time the iPod was booted. The iphone-dev team just released the 24kpwn LLB patch to allow for a persistent jailbreak. The team had been hanging on to this patch because there was the possibility the exploit could be used on future iPhone versions. Unfortunately, a group started selling the code, so the team was forced to release it for free. iPod owners are certainly happy though. There is a tutorial available for updating a factory reset iPod (backup link). The team will include the patch in future official tools.

UPDATE: [cptfalcon] pointed out a post that covers the technical details of the exploit.

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36 thoughts on “IPod Touch 2G Jailbreak Released

  1. Nice to see that the team released it for free instead of letting some bottom feeders make money off it.

    Therian sounds like he:
    *owned one, broke it and it didn’t get fixed under warranty.
    *wishes he owned one, but can’t afford it
    *is just too anal to allow himself to possibly like apple stuff
    *is a 13-ish yr old, who’s parents won’t buy him one.
    In any case, make one comment and move on. No need to spam the comments section just because you don’t like a product.

  2. ok I can be rude too
    Pouncer you sound like apple fagboy

    I newer said I dont like the product, I dont like the attitude company have to their customers and I hate too see no one doing nothing about instead helping to continue this corruption by finding ways around, why should customers find ways around in a first place, why apple products (and many others companies) need crutches in a first place ?

  3. therian: was that even english?

    golddigger: The reason to jailbreak the touch is mainly to be able to run unsigned code on it, so that you can use the device to it’s full potential. There’s a lot of great apps that have been banned from the app store, because either they replicate an itunes function, or for some reason or another apple doesn’t want people having that function. Docs (reads word/excel/pdf files), Cycorder (use the camera as a video recorder), Podcast programs, they have all been rejected from the official app store, but you can still get them if you jailbreak the touch.

    Also, with installous, you can pirate almost anything in the app store.

  4. therian: Why not use the technology on the market? Very few elegant and advanced alternatives are available compared to the touch, and it is for ingenuity that people jailbreak them, so that the hardware may be used to its full potential. Apple may be corrupt as the rest of them, but they have nice hardware in the touch and the iphone.

  5. Sorry Therian, I don’t even own an apple product. Fagboy.. well I guess if not hating them simply because of the company’s attitude makes me a fagboy, well then so be it.

  6. well sorry. I just get really mad thinking about itunes, apple store drm and other crap they force. It starting to look like you don’t own what you bought more like renting it

  7. This is to therian,

    First off, I am not an “apple fanboy”. I buy products that are of good quality and worth my money.

    The ipod touch is an amazing peice of electronics, it really has changed my life for the better since buying it. I never lug my laptop around and wont use a new music player for a long while.

    Itunes is awesome as well, it is easy to find what i want when i want. Although i would rather have the physical CD It is very convienent to hop on itunes buy what i want and have it instantly. DRM is a nessacary evil, it hinders pirating slightly. It stops me from buying a CD and giving it to my freind to copy, which means he might buy it.

    So please dont be so ignorant of a very good thing. Try it, if your not a little kid the ten dollars an Album is way worth it.

  8. iTunes DRM isn’t completely locked down. Last I knew, (albiet a while ago), you could use dbpoweramp(I think) to convert m4a, to mp3 or wmv(if that’s your thing).
    Not saying apple is superior, but they beat the hell out of alternatives like rhapsody, who only stream songs for a monthly charge, if you want to download you have to pay per song +monthly chrg.

  9. If anyone needs any help on doing this or simply has some questions, feel free to join #itouch on irc.osx86.hu. :]

    Oh and therian, if you haven’t paid attention recently, most albums on the iTunes store are now DRM free.

  10. Therian, just get out of this comment section. You just are mad that you cant get an ipod touch because you live in some oher country (hence your bad spelling and english) or you are some 10 year old whos parents wont buy you an ipod.

    This comment was written on my ipod touch too :)

  11. ok i found the soft ware but i dont know how to run the programs to work every time i try and start them nothing happens at all even when i try to run as administrator someone help please and thank you

  12. I have downloaded the assassins creed game on my computer, since i found this game on a torrent and it’s size is 128 megabyte …
    anyway, my 2G ipod is jail broken, but i can’t get this app on it???
    I’ll appreciate any help ^_^

  13. Hey I did that jailbreak thing on my Ipod touch, my question is this:

    If I go to the app store am I gonna get apps that I would normally pay for free? (thats the whole reason I did this lol)

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