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[Jerry] lost his finger in an accident and has since added a prosthetic USB flash drive in its place. It’s making the best of a bad situation; there’s nothing wrong with a little voluntary cyborgization. At least it’s not as invasive as some of the implants we’ve seen before.

UPDATE: Here’s the entry on [Jerry]’s personal blog.

[via Gizmodo]

35 thoughts on “USB Finger

  1. [how in the hell do you type with one hand?!?]
    He’s missing part of a finger, not an entire hand. He probably still types with seven (or) more fingers than most people.

  2. god. this damn thing made every tech blog today. it’s bad enough to see that picture once. that guy just really creeps me out. i gotta go look at some boobs or something. sheesh.

  3. Lets hope that he never uses a public computer and forgets to remove it after use… “ummmmm I found this finger in the usb port of that computer, can you put it in the lost and found for me?”

  4. oh crap the borg are invading run!!!!
    lol i guess its good he is having fun with his lost finger. by the way, its not that hard to type without one finger anyway. when i was first learning how to type i smashed my middle finger in a door and couldn’t use it for over a week, i had to learn how to type without it for nearly 2 weeks because i had typing class in high school. i’m sure its harder to loose a finger and re-learn how to type but i’m sure it can be done.

  5. Man, when I saw the picture i thought the thumb drive was actually in his real finger !

    and i said

    Holy S*** ! Why the F*** would someone do that !

    but then i read the passage…

    and said

    Ohhhhhhhh…I understand

    Sweet !

  6. @Jynx No problem go to your kitchen and get the meat cleaver. Pick the finger you want to have t he usb drive in and take a wack. go to the hospital WITHOUT the finger piece so they cant repair it, wait about 3 months and build your prosthetic.

    Now anyone that has lost even a tip of a finger will tell you, anyone thinking not having a part of their finger is “cool” is a retarded moron. You miss it, you are less capable without it, you have phantom pain (oh yeah thats so cool!) no feeling in the tip of what’s left….

    While you are at it, why not heat up random metal and sear your flesh, that’s far cooler than a lame wannabe’s tattoo.

  7. I thought macaulay culkin dyed his hair black..

    if you look at Jerry’s blog he looks kinda clean cut…

    @ emo = faker

    he’s a suit
    A straight shooter with upper management written all over…..

  8. The point of this is….what, exactly?

    1) Finger or no, having a thing like that stuck to the end of a digit will do nothing but get in the way.

    2)Having a USB device on the end of a finger exposes the connector to moisture and everything else that hands come into contact with (easy does it, guys! I’m trying to keep this G-rated!)

    3) When I use a jump drive, I insert it in the USB jack and then leave it there until I’m done. The described “solution” requires the guy to tie up one of his hands for the entire duration of use of his drive… unless he removes his finger and leaves the USB gizmo in the jack. If that’s the case, then how is this any better than having the drive on a key chain or a lanyard?

    I really enjoy reading about the interesting things that people build, modify, and hack. This is not one of those interesting things.

  9. Its better than the USB powered apple surprise (a real apple that vibrates) It might be kinda silly, but not that bad. Reminds me of an NCIS I watched the other day, one of the cadavers had a nearly microscopic, heart shaped flash chip embedded in her eye, and it contained all the vital statistics of her targets (being an assassin and all), that was cool, but I wonder how they retrieved the data?

    My uncle lost the last two flanges of his middle finger in a Skil saw accident (it was that, or lose the tips of his index finger and thumb, which seemed more important to the surgeon). The only fun he ever had with it was when he would jam the knuckle in his nose to make it look like he buried his finger all the way in there. :p

  10. Awesome, always look on the brightside of life.

    @Fartface, you suffer from Phantom Pain? As in the Gundam comes down and taunts you or something (I know what it is but was the first thing to come to mind. Blame fatique.)

  11. This is a great idea. Admit it, if you lost some random appendage you would cram some gadget into the void left behind. There is such a thing as a USB extension cord, so it’s not like he has to hold his “finger” directly at the usb slot. And as for phantom pain, how about using usb power to zap the remaining neurons while plugged in? Admittedly this would require some painful trial and error to figure out proper voltage and frequency…

  12. So, what else is possible? A wireless trackpoint is all I can think of right now. Even that would not be that accurate, because it would be tough to integrate buttons. I mean yes, you can make one button which can be depressed with the help of, say, the thumb and the pinky. But then the depression of that button may cause undesired motion of the cursor. Any more ideas?

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