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[Pocket_Lucho] has really done a fantastic job on this one. He’s making miniature arcade cabinets(translated) from old consoles.  This post is mainly talking about a Sega genisis version, but he’s also done one for the PC engine(aka turbografix 16). He takes us through pulling RGB video strait from the chip as well as harvesting buttons from a cheapo all in one arcade controller. For the screen he’s using a PSone portable LCD, pretty much un modified. What really stands out is the final layout. He has built tiny arcade cabinets, about a foot tall, to house them. These are amazingly awesome and we want one. No, we want an entire mini arcade of them. You can see a video after the break.


[thanks Keith]

23 thoughts on “Mini Arcade Cabinets

  1. What a surprise seeying my mini cabs here! I like doing arcade cabs but I already have 2 ‘big’ cabs and no more free space for another one so… I have to make ‘pocket’ cabs! My goal is to finish the 16 bit generation, actually pc-engine/turbografx, megadribe/genesis and neo-geo are finished, super nintendo/super famicom comes next and later a pocket mame cab using a mini-itx board will come… stay tuned ;)

  2. Nice, an interesting middleground between a fullsize arcade cabinet or TV setup and a hand-held hack, but with optional TV outputs. Very nice cabinet art, too. The Genesis 3 seems perfectly sized for this, unlike my bulky old MegaDrive 1 + MegaCD v1.

    The only thing that could let it down is the vulture-poo glue all over the boards.

  3. What did you use for a Neo-Geo? One of the smaller one-slot arcade PCBs (MV-1C etc)? Is the cabinet the same size, or did you have to make it bigger? I’m interested in what sort of hacking and rearranging you had to do to your Neo-Geo’s PCB…

    Sorry to be such a neo-nerd! :)

  4. Hi, I use a neogeo mvs mv1b, only soldering 2 switches for the menu/pause buttons. You can see the making off here (in spanish):

    And the video:

    I sold this machine for 650 € ( 1 € = 1.32 $ -> 860 $!!) and took me 4/5 months to finish. I´m re-doing this now with some improvements with the usa neogeo color scheme and arts.

    And yes, all my minis have tv output, 2nd player pad connector and switces for region/hz when needed. In the video of the pc-engine cab you can see the tv out:

    If you have more questions please ask and thank you for your comments.

  5. You’re cabinet is noting short of amazing. I love the cabinet art. If I hadn’t seen the pictures of it being built, I would be convinced that this was some sort of mass produced machine.

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