Laser Cutter Plays Super Mario Bros. Theme


[Jed] from Toronto’s hackerspace HackLab.TO coded the theme from Super Mario Bros. for their laser cutter. He’s posted the ruby code that generates the g-code from a simple tablature.

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[via Waxy]

21 thoughts on “Laser Cutter Plays Super Mario Bros. Theme

  1. What a waste of time. I like it! It would be pretty cool to see a visual representation of this with a router. Each note would be represented by a different depth of cut by the router.

  2. If i had an insanely expensive CNC laser cutting machine I could play the Super Mario Theme too. O wait I’ve had a Midi sequencer and speakers in my computer since the 486. And IT sounds better!!!! ;D

    No seriously that was cool, In a GEEKY kind of way.


  3. I’m curious as to why a number of people are giving a fuss on how this isn’t exciting?

    How isn’t it? Yeah, it may have been done before in some shape or form, but these guys did it very well; it’s not every day a laser cutter kicks that much ass

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