Business Cards At Maker Faire


[John Park] has managed to snag a couple interesting business cards at Maker Faire. The first is Adafruit’s laser cut Spirograph card. The other is a ATtiny2313 prototyping board from Evil Mad Science; it looks to be the same style as their well-known AVR target board. We’ve also heard rumors that [Jérôme Demers] has bunch of resistor bending cards.

For more business card nonsense, check out: [Goodspeed]’s smart card emulator, [Mayer]’s embedded gears, and our web server business card.

9 thoughts on “Business Cards At Maker Faire

  1. I didnt see either of those, wish I would have grabbed em. Where were those booths located? I was there open to close, and I feel like I saw 85% of everything. So much fun!

  2. Ive always liked the idea of useful/ weird/ electronic business cards, but gee they must be expensive to make. so cool, add some useful circuit and a solar panel and these things could take over the WORLD! well not quite.

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