Electric VW Mobile Photobooth


[Soren Coughlin-Glaser] runs a mobile photobooth in the Portland area. It’s built inside of an electric Volkswagen bus. The conversion to electric hasn’t been easy though. He’s spent most of the last few months rebuilding it after an electrical fire. Last fall he installed a 9 inch electric motor from Hi-Torque Electric after his smaller one blew up. We really like this project and look forward to seeing it back on the road… once he replaces his stripped transmission coupler.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]

3 thoughts on “Electric VW Mobile Photobooth

  1. my wife’s father converted a vw bus to electric
    in Petaluma,Ca in the early eighty’s.”THE VOLT VAN”
    he used golfcart batts and a starter motor from a
    military turbine engine..with a custom controller
    he could load all six kids in it and drive 25-30mi
    between charges

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