ATTiny 2313 Breakout Boards From EMSL

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Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has released the 2313 target board. A business card sized development board for working with ATTiny 2313 microprocessors. We saw them at the Maker Faire, and thought they looked familiar. You may recognize them due to their similarity to the Atmegaxx8 family board. As usual, this is released as creative commons and source files are available on their site.

9 thoughts on “ATTiny 2313 Breakout Boards From EMSL

  1. I could see this being useful if you wanted to hack up a “permanent” device really quickly. It saves you a few minutes cross-referencing the datasheet for ISP and I/O pin numbers/names :p.

    For $3.75 in quantity, it seems worth the time saved (vs. perf board method).

    Its just missing a 5V Vreg + diodes, so you can plug in any old wall-wart.

  2. I never use these because they always have some part that isn’t set up right for my application. I like perf board myself. I tend to fire out a diptrace board once I breadboard it though.

  3. Hi, we are looking for any device which would be able to copy the firmware or obtain the source program inside an ATTINY2313-PU and ATMega8-16PU microcontroller; even we know they are locked we have tried to copy or read them with no success. We have use the STK200 programmer. Is there anyway to copy or read the source program??

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