IPhone 3G Ultrasn0w Unlock Released

The iPhone dev-team has released Ultrasn0w to SIM unlock the iPhone 3G running the 3.0 firmware. It’s available via Cydia, which installs when you use the recently released PwnageTool to unlock the 3.0 firmware. There doesn’t seem to be any caveats besides advising T-Mobile US users to turn off 3G before install.

11 thoughts on “IPhone 3G Ultrasn0w Unlock Released

  1. A lot of people are having problems using this on PPC based macs. freezes up and quits unexpectedly. doesn’t seem to be anything you can do about it either other than doing the jailbreak on another intel based mac.

  2. Check out the thousands of comments left on that post on blog.iphone-dev.org. UltraSn0w is not ready.
    I can vouch for it, I put it on my iPhone 3G and the battery life is significantly worse and it suffers occasional slowdowns.
    I then put SBSettings back on it again to allow me to switch stuff off and on easier, and the whole thing slowed down even more! Boot-up time even doubled!
    I’ve been running the Jailbreak with OSv3 since saturday and its been fine, but I hadn’t yet bothered with SBSettings.
    The probs definitely started when I added UltraSn0w.
    I’ve since had to put it into DFU restore mode (wouldn’t work when clicking ‘restore’ in itunes).
    I also had to remove the previous itunes device sync history before it would activate (I can activate it normally because I have a SIM for the right network luckily).
    Great work though, its definitely a great start, but updates are needed unfortunately.

  3. @dogbert
    Thats another thing that worries me, theres no infos on what the hacks involve, not even for RedSn0w. No source code, no nowt.
    My iphone is owned by my workplace, luckily they’re quite liberal on what we can do with them, but you’ve got to wonder – somewhat worried that they’re turning thousands (or more) iphones into zombie bot networks or credit card number harvesters esp with the new features in osv3!
    but that cud just b paranoia! ;-)

  4. iTunes freezes after unlocking 3.0 firmware

    When I plug my phone in and open itunes, it freezes every time. I have tried to uninstall itunes then reinstall, but that has not worked. Is anyone else having this problem?? any idea on how to fix it??

  5. Is it possible to connect a Flash Drive to an Iphone or Ipod with the USB cable for added space. Sort of an external drive. Please let me know if this is already available.

    Many Thanks

  6. Yep. Same here. Can’t see ANY reason to switch from that setup. Seems it covers everything all the others do, and more, and I can use my iPhone or iPad as the remote!It’s definitely a sweet setup and I’m glad I forked out the $30 for aTV Black.Mind you… you don’t even need to do that if you like to fiddle around a bit more… I was just lazy. lol.Once you have XBMC installed the apps and possibilities are mind boggling.. Depends on how deep you want to go into that rabbit-hole.

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