Ikea LED Matrix


[Spikenzie] has created an 8×8 LED array that fits inside an ikea frame. He multiplexed the 64 red LEDs on a PCB with connections on the back. He then used a MAX7129, an LED multiplexer and driver, driven by a PIC over SPI to do animations and play pong. He then encased the array in laser-cut cardboard and white acrylic to get large dots. This entire assembly was then placed inside an Ikea RIBBA picture frame. The result is an aesthetic homebrew display that is easy to control.

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9 thoughts on “Ikea LED Matrix

  1. You know, for calling this an “ikea” led matrix, it has very little to do with ikea… I could have gotten a similar frame from Michaels, or target even.

    Other than that, nice job =D Wish he had some more pictures of the completed project.

  2. @chris
    ok, I think I see what you are referring to. You could say that it’s using POV, sort of, because the multiplexing is switching patterns quickly.by that definition, all displays use POV a bit.

    Generally here, POV is a description of a specific type of display device. One that usually has a single row of LEDs flashing in a pattern that produces an image or character string when moved through the air.

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