D-touch Tangible Drum Interface


yes, drums are tangible. We know. What this is, however, is a tangible interface that is a drum machine. The software is freely available for download, after registration. For hardware, all you need is a webcam, a computer, and a way to print out the pieces. D-Touch is cross platform which is very nice. Please note that the software will not run until you activate it by putting in your user account from their site. If you like this project, you might also get a kick out of the Go Sequencer.

6 thoughts on “D-touch Tangible Drum Interface

  1. Thanks for the post and the comments!

    BigD145, if you try the dice or wooden blocks setup please send us pictures!

    Jeff as far as I understand TrackMate is a toolkit, the d-touch drum machine is an actual application.

    By the way the drum machine is based on libdtouch which is an open source framework, code available on http://sf.net/projects/libdtouch , but not yet nicely packaged (we’re working on that, we’ll post updates). libdtouch provides angle and size information, but the drum machine UI simply does not use that. In the near future we’re planning to release another application which actually uses the angle.


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