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[Husstech] wrote in to share his Snake Bot with us. Initially inspired by this post about SickSack, a snake bot, he set out to build his own version. While the concept and even the design aren’t particularly new or groundbreaking, he is very thorough in his documentation. Since this was a project for school, the PDF of his project includes research, schematics, cost breakdowns, and results. We really like the camera and head design, it looks very insect like. You can see a video of the final version being shown off after the break, or you can see an earlier version that is decidedly more phallic.


9 thoughts on “Snake Bot

  1. Wow!!! Totally blew my mind. It is a very professional project! I am a professional guy who work in the industry and I am very impressed how well was this done. I wish the projects I work with (from other people) had the same organization and structure as this high school (!) project has…. Hussam, you rule! Congratulations! Long way to go!!

  2. For an A Level project, this is really very, very impressive indeed. It wasn’t that long ago that I did Design and Technology A-Level and I can tell anyone not familiar with the course (17 years old at school, typically you do 4 A-level subjects, and the D&T project is about half of the work for that particular A-level) that this project really is an outlier. Top stuff.

    sansan, check the website on my link. If you’re coming here, call us up. We’re looking for good people.

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